Geoff Farquhar-Still __________________ Curriculum Vitae 2011




1973 _______ Born in Sydney Australia




1999 -02 _____ BA (Visual) Sculpture, NITA, ANU 

1997 -98 _____ Landscape Architecture, Sheffield University

1993 -96 _____ BA Landscape Design and Plant Science Sheffield University

1985 -91 _____ Kelly College, Tavistock, Devon, England




2010 - _______Chairman of the Board ANCA, ACT

2009 ________ Deputy Chairman, ANCA, ACT

2007 -09 _____ Lecturer, Silicone Mold Making, Visual Arts Access, NITA, ANU

2007 ________ Lecturer, Sculpture Dept, NITA, ANU

2005 -08 _____ Installation Assistant NGA, 

2003 -11 _____ Lecturer, Steel Structures, Visual Arts Access, NITA, ANU

2003 -05 _____ Technical Officer, Core Studies, NITA, ANU

2003 -07 _____ Installation Assistant, CSA Gallery, NITA, ANU


Studio Assistance


2009 ________ Fabrication, In the Presence of Blue, Kirstie Rae

 ____________ Hot glass assistant, Elizabeth Kelly, Studio Tangerine

2006 ________ Fabrication and installation, Fractal Weave by David Jensz

 ____________ Fabrication, Veterans Memorial, Matthew Harding


Solo Exhibition’s


2009 ________ “Terminus” CCAS Main Space, Gorman House, ACT

2008 ________ “Red Hot Conformist” Megalo Gallery, Canberra, ACT

 ____________ “My Private Arsenal” ANCA Gallery, Canberra, ACT

2007 ________ “My Private Arsenal”, Gallery Diretribe, Melbourne, VIC


Group Exhibitions


2011         "Imitation of Light" Canberra Museum and Gallery, ACT

           Willoughby Sculpture Prize, Sydney, NSW

        "Atonement", Bega Regional Art Gallery, NSW

        "Pin", ANCA Gallery, ACT

        "Semi Automatic", The Rocks, Sydney, NSW

        "Solar", ANCA Gallery, ACT

2010           Goulburn Art Prize, GRAG, NSW

        "Something in the Air" Canberra Museum and Gallery, ACT

         “Reflex 2”, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney

 ____________ “PowerHouse” Canberra International Glassworks, ACT

2009 ________ “Reverberation”, Willoughby Incinerator, NSW

 ____________ “Reflex”, Mechanical poetry, curator, M16, ACT

 ____________ "Dog of a show" Megalo, ACT.

 ____________ "Art-I-Tech", CSA Gallery, ACT.

2008 ________ "Prosaic to Sublime" ANCA Gallery, ACT.

 ____________ “Sequence”, M16 Gallery, ACT

 ____________ “Sculpture 08”, Maunsell Wickes@ Barry Stern Galleries, NSW

 ____________ Space Form and Light, Art and Architecture, ANCA Gallery, ACT

 ____________ “Ausglass conference”, M16, Canberra, ACT

2007 ________ “Sculpture 07”, Maunsell Wickes@ Barry Stern Galleries, NSW

2006 ________ “Global Peace Unit” Domain V, Temporary Public Art Project

 ____________ “Jingoisms”, with Jay Kochel, The Front, ACT.

 ____________ “Canberra” Maunsell Wickes @ Barry Stern Galleries, NSW

 ____________ “Process” ANCA Tenants show, ACT

 ____________ “Visage” CCAS Members Show, ACT

 ____________ Sculpture by the Lake, Jindabyne, NSW

 ____________ Majura Winery opening in conjunction with CCAS, ACT

 ____________ “Compressor”, with Jay Kochel, The Front, ACT.

2005 ________ “Joy Flight, Forced Landing II” Domain IV, ACT

 ____________ “The Front” Inaugural Exhibition, ACT

 ____________ Cape Byron Lighthouse Sculpture Show, Byron Bay, NSW

 ____________ Thursday Plantation Sculpture Show, Ballina, NSW

2004 ________ Invisible Support, Foyer Gallery, NITA, ANU

_____________ Playground, Foyer Gallery, NITA, ANU

2003 ________ Thursday Plantation Sculpture Show, Ballina, NSW

 ____________ “Living Space”, 24:7, artsACT project, ACT

2002 ________ Freshly Squeezed, Graduating Exhibition, NITA, ANU

 ____________ Factor of Ten, CSA Gallery, NITA, ANU

2001 ________ Shared Inspiration, Strathnairn Gallery, ACT

1998 ________ Graduate Exhibition, Sheffield University, England




2010 ________ New work grant, ACT Arts Fund.

2008 ________ New work grant, ACT Arts Fund.

2006 ________ New work grant, ACT Arts Fund.




2009 ________ Canberra Critic Circle Award for Exhibition and Curation.

2009 ________ Willoughby Council Burley Griffin Site Specific Award, NSW.

2005 ________ Encouragement Award, Sculpture by the Lake, Jindabyne.

2003 ________ Highly Commended at Thursday Plantation Sculpture Show.

2002 ________ The EASS ANU School of Art Alumni Association Award




2009 ________ Megalo Print residency, ACT

2003 ________ Graduate in residence, Sculpture Department, ANU, ACT




2011        Canberra bus interchange amenities graphics project

        Artists in Schools project through artsACT

        "Junk Platform" Theatre set for CYT

2010         Katzolium, Private Collection

2009 ________ Four significant public artworks for ACT Community Parks

 ____________ “The Tank Project” Theatre set for CYT with Imogen Keen

2008 ________ Aesop Sculptural Ceiling with March Studio Architects, Adelaide SA, Fabricated, Melbourne, VIC.

2008 ________ Collaboration With French Graphic Designer Anne-Laure Cavineaux

2007 ________ “Pen Plan China” Cardboard House with March Studio Architects, Forrest Chase, Perth CBD, WA

2006 ________ “Flight Case VI & VII” Qantas Airways Limited

2005 ________ “Joy Flight, Forced Landing II” Domain IV, Temporary Public Art Project, ACT

2005 ________ “Flight Case II”, Private Collector, ACT

2003 ________ “Living Space”, with A. Dufty, Domain II, Temporary Art Project, ACT, currently maintained by

 ____________ artsACT and Urban Services

1998 ________ Sculptural Landscape for Dr and Mrs Wilson, Devon, England




Australian War Memorial

John Travolta 

Margaret Jackson, Qantas Chairman

John Anderson, Ex Deputy Prime Minister, Ex Min. for Transport

Harris Hobbs Landscape Architects